Kofax User Group for Orchard Customers

Kofax User Group for Orchard Customers

1 Jan 1970

Coming up on 19th January 2017 Wisdom will be holding a user group day for a selection of our clients who use both Orchard Information Systems as their housing management system and Kofax as their scanning system.

One of our main aims to come out of holding this day is to inspire networking between our clients. We know that learning by example is invaluable and during our user group we encourage our clients to share their learnings and experience with each other.

We will be asking questions to our clients in order to discover:

  • Their general attitude to and knowledge of the systems
  • Methods and best practice
  • Any training and support they may benefit from

As well as helping our clients, the learnings that come out of this user group will enable us to provide a better, more integrated service with our partners. It also helps feed requirements into our Wisdom Roadmap and shape the way we move our business forward.

If you are a client who would benefit from a focus group day or forum, please let your Account Manager know.

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